Lock Up Lit

stories from

"inside the cell"




the backstory

In 1980 Arthur B. Pulitzer hired a salesman for marketing to high net worth individuals.  The salesman introduced ABP to his brother (J) who ABP later discovered was "A Made Man" or "Wise Guy."  J had frequented mob joints on the Lower East Side and Uptown West Side of New York City and various locations in New Jersey.  There he met bosses and under bosses, and himself became involved in mob activities:  fixing fights, selling stolen bonds, fixing card games, dice, crooked politics, scams - the whole gamut.  On one occasion J gave ABP the name of a former acquaintance a 30+ year veteran of Death Row. 


ABP wrote the inmate a letter.


So began LockUpLit.

Arthur B. Pulitzer now has access to thousands of stories that inmates in US prisons are anxious to tell. 

Some are in tangible form and others are in need of an editor, but all come directly from "inside the cell."

As LockUpLit stories get national exposure, those "storytellers" who have yet to come forward may be encouraged to do so; and as long as there are inmates, the longevity of the project is guaranteed.  Since crime stories are naturally such a draw for tv programs and movies, revenue will have a good chance of increasing.  Given excellent promotion and marketing, the possibilities are endless.